7 Tips For Super Health

What is real fitness and how will we get there? Getting down to your goal weight, exercising every day, ingesting a balanced weight loss program – is that health? Here are 7 Super Health recommendations that I’ve received from my fitness adventure.

Super Health Tip # 1 – Become Your Own Doctor – Get a 2d Opinion – Your Own. Three important information approximately latest medical doctors. First, they have got little, if any, education in nutrition, or the way to save you or cure sicknesses. Second, they deal with your signs and symptoms, now not the purpose, and 1/3, data show that ninety four% of them receives a commission for prescribing drugs. 3 desirable motives for a 2nd opinion.

Super Health Tip # 2 – Balance is Critical. A stool Has 3 Legs – simply one or two and also you fall over. What you consume determines 70% of your health. Exercise determines 20% – do something. Your health environment, both internally, the way you observed and experience, and externally, your social network, is 10%.

Super Health Tip # three – Discover Super Foods. Whole meals provide better nutrition, greater strength, and construct a more potent immune gadget. Eat complete grains and seeds in cereals and breads, and wheat germ, bran and brewers yeast. Eat culmination and veggies and drink green smoothies, fruit smoothies with 2 or 3 green veggies delivered. I have my green smoothie recipe on my website online.

Super Health Tip # four – Invest In You. You educate yourself, spend thousands on your property and vehicles. Invest on your frame – for the first-rate outcomes over your lifetime. Take vitamins publications – read a few health books. Learn what builds health and what causes degenerative illnesses (tip: it is what you eat). Read The China Study to revolutionize your existence.

Super Health Tip # 5 – Discipline Yourself – No-one Else Can. Become a closet health nut year with the aid of 12 months. Don’t broadcast it – stay it. Many humans care greater about their vehicles than their body – and spend greater time planning their holidays than they do being concerned for the temple they live in. Don’t be one among them. Incorporate what you analyze into your life-style.

Super Health Tip # 6 – Health is a Journey. Your frame is miraculously resilient. You can get over weight problems, alcoholism, drug dependancy, and from abusing your frame. Your fitness is usually decided by using what you do within the preceding three months of your life. Commit to and come to be healthier, and live into your 80s and 90s, and even 100s with pleasure, zest, and bounding energy.

Super Health Tip # 7 – Become a 95% Vegetarian. The evidence is now conclusive. The fats, ldl cholesterol, triglycerides, and carcinogenic protein from meat and dairy merchandise clogs us up, restricts our blood float, decreases the oxygen to our cells, makes us sluggish, reasons high blood stress, high cholesterol, heart sickness and most cancers. Cut out ninety five% of meat and dairy. Fruits, veggies and grains taste heavenly whilst your tongue isn’t always filtering them thru layers of fat, grease, salt, and sugar. The sensational Eating DVD documents it all.

With the aid of Terry Kent, founding father of The Health and Nutrition Center

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