Precision Spraying Applications for Greater Coverage

Increase Coverage through up to drift watch  20% and Reduce Drift through 70%
MagrowTec (previously MagGrow) is a patented, proprietary generation that substantially reduces the waste related to traditional pesticide packages, delivering critical plant safety products where they remember the most.

Using modern generation, MagrowTec optimises the droplet sizes of pesticide software, reducing flow and run-off by means of making sure that the right quantity of pesticide is implemented. By as it should be determining spray droplet formation, droplet dynamics, and droplet adhesion, MagrowTec improves yield productiveness and ROI, and decreases wastage of water and chemical inputs.

Easy to put in, perform and hold due to no transferring components, MagrowTec can also perform in better wind situations than maximum traditional sprayers.

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Farmers who have switched to MagrowTec are seeing a ROI in much less than a yr just on chemical financial savings on my own. But profitability isn’t MagrowTec’s most effective advantage.

Keep analyzing to learn the way you can do more with much less while you switch to a MagrowTec machine:

Increases Profitability
Reduces water ratesReduces labour and electricity costsReduces inputs (Chemical Savings)Reduces frequency of spray because of higher coverage

Better For The Environment
Reduces environmental contaminationImproves water control
Improves Productivity
Less tank refillsIncreases spray windowsIncreases disorder controlIncreases yield
Better Compliance
Less driftBetter operator health & safetySupports integrated pest management plansSupports environmental rules
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Thrive won Bayer Sustainability Challenge “Sustainable Scaleup Award” for its commitment to helping more sustainable food manufacturing.

With higher compliance that helps environmental rules, decreased environmental infection, and higher water management, MagrowTec is committed to growing lasting and sustainable answers that guide farmers, whilst additionally definitely impacting the environment.

Customer Story

Andrew Kennedy, South Australia

Andrew Kennedy, a spraying contracting in Mt Gambier, South Australia, has been quite impressed by means of MagrowTec’s spraying system for his enterprise, Kennedy Spraying Services.

Using MagrowTec, Kennedy Spraying Services has done better insurance, glide discount, and decreased water costs — saving time and boosting earnings.

Watch the video to pay attention Andrew’s thoughts on how MagrowTec has benefitted his enterprise.

Download our contemporary case examine to discover the advantages of MagrowTec ~ View Case Study

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